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Vendors from China’s Canton Fair Now Accessible Online

The Canton Fair is one of the most important events in the calendar of Chinese industrial goods manufacturers. And it’s not just manufacturers who look forward to the Canton Fair. Even buyers of industrial goods view the Canton Fair as the best opportunity to scan all the vendors in a single space. With tens of thousands of brands exhibiting their wares at the Canton Fair, it’s the best chance to compare industrial goods side-by-side.

Until recently, the few days of the year the fair was open offered the only time and place to scan the industrial goods market. However, online platforms like Meekaam, which enable B2B sales of industrial goods, have brought the diversity and manufacturing excellence of the Canton Fair online.

History of the Canton Fair

Today, China’s industrial goods sector sees the Canton Fair as a can’t-miss event. This reputation has been carefully built over the years. The first-ever edition of the Canton Fair was held in the spring of 1957. In the decades since, it has come to be known as China's “No. 1 Fair.” There are two editions of the Canton Fair held every year, the first in spring and the second in autumn. Also, it’s worth mentioning that though it is colloquially referred to as the Canton Fair, the event’s official name is actually the China Import and Export Fair.


2023 Editions of the Canton Fair

Apart from a disruption in 2020 due to the global pandemic, the Canton Fair takes place without fail every year. This year’s spring edition has already concluded, being held from April to May. It was the 133rd edition of the Canton Fair since its inception. The 134th edition, 2023’s autumn installment, is scheduled to be held later this year in October. Both editions are accompanied by an online exhibition that runs longer than the actual fair. The online editions stay open for six months after the Canton Fair ends.

Though the Canton Fair remains an unmissable event for its sheer scale, industrial goods buyers no longer have to rely on the event to find the best manufacturers in China. Some B2B industrial goods buying platforms have brought the best vendors from the Canton Fair online.

Connect with Canton Fair Vendors Online

Meekaam is a unique platform that connects industrial goods manufacturers with genuine, interested buyers. The website has a database of over 50,000 vendors, all of whom have exhibited their wares at the Canton Fair. Their presence at the fair acts as a stamp of authenticity for the quality of their wares, as they would otherwise not have been able to exhibit at the expertly curated Canton Fair. Any buyer who has used the Canton Fair as a resource to discover the best brands making industrial goods now has an online alternative on which they can rely.

The Canton Fair, with all its diverse offerings, comes alive in the listings on Meekaam. China’s biggest gathering of industrial goods manufacturers is now accessible with just a few keyboard strokes.



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