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  • Geopolitical Conflict will Get International Supply Chain into Complication but not a Backflow

    Western clients are likely to believe that paying such a price to improve national security and corporate resilience is fair. Fairness is enough.But the supply chain gets complicated and cost increased.
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  • Huawei Mate60: Redefining Excellence in Technology

    Elevate your mobile experience with the Huawei Mate60 – embrace the future of technology in the palm of your hand.
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  • SMIC Reported a Net Profit of 402.8 Million US Dollars for the Second Quarter of 2023

    SMIC reported a net profit of 402.8 million US dollars for the second quarter of 2023. This figure represents a comparison to last year's net profit of 514 million US dollars during the same period.
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  • TSMC is Making a Significant Move in the Industry by Expanding its Capabilities in Chip Manufacturing

    TSMC has announced its plans to adopt advanced 2-nanometer process technology for production at its Kaohsiung factory
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  • The Progress is Faster than Expected: Why can China Stepper Finally Succeed?

    Shanghai Microelectronics is committed to developing the 28nm immersion Stepper, and is expected to deliver the first domestic SSA/800-10W Stepper equipment to the market by the end of 2023
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  • 米卡供应链平台

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  • Manufacturing of Automotive Parts in China

    The automotive parts manufacturing industry in China is constantly evolving, driven by new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and emerging trends.
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  • Market Study of Circuit Breakers Industry in China

    Stay informed about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on China's circuit breakers industry, including supply chain disruptions, trade policy changes, and the industry's resilience.
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  • Bus Transportation Industry in China

    Discover the expanding bus networks in major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, providing efficient and sustainable transportation options, while adopting greener bus technologies to combat climate change.
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  • Aviation Accessories Industry in China

    Discover the robust sourcing of aviation accessories from China, with competitive pricing, quality assurance, smart manufacturing, supply chain transparency, customization, and major industry exhibitions.
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  • Latest Updates and Developments in The Injection Molding Machine Industry in China

    Latest updates and developments in the injection molding machine industry in China
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