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Meekaam VIP Sourcing Service is Powered by the Expertise of Sourcing Captain, Sister Brand of Meekaam Can Help You With 17+ Years Sourcing Experience.
VIP Sourcing Team

Sourcing Captain can be your best china sourcing agent for industrial goods sourcing from china, we provide customers with a variety of value-added and diversified service portfolios throughout the export trade and china supply chain, including raw material procurement, factory selection, production arrangements in management, quality control, export approval processing, shipment, etc. It helps customers reduce procurement costs, shorten delivery time, and improve product added value. This is a new business model, Sourcing Captain is a Sourcing Agent rather than a mere broker, We provide a variety of planning and coordination of supply chain managers. Our customers focus on product design, research and development or improvement, and then give the development and management of china supply chain to sourcing captain. Sourcing Captain relies on the complete system and mature technology made in China to identify high-quality factories and complete the production and then delivery of orders. in many cases, Sourcing Captain acts as your Virtual Project Management Office in the supply chain management field for your import requirement from china.


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Order Amount Service Charge
less than $1,000 10%
$1001 to $5000 8%
$5,001 to $10,000 7%
$10,001 to $30,000 6%
$30,001 and Above 5%
  • What is the scope of service about Meekaam VIP China Sourcing?

    The VIP china sourcing service starts from the very beginning of requirement confirmation or consultant related, and then sourcing on manufacturers about product and techniques applied with cost structure on a project, then ordering and monitoring, inspection to final goods delivery from china to abroad.

  • When should I pay a commission to use your VIP sourcing agency service?

    Sourcing Captain carry out the Meekaam VIP Sourcing service from china, we provide free consultant, supplier sourcing, product sourcing and then work out the quote proposal for your checking, all those vip sourcing service is free of charge, we only charge a commission based on our above chart in different rate after you feel our quote proposal meets your expectation and place an order with sourcing agency commission included.

  • How can I use your VIP Sourcing service to import goods from china?

    You can just simple click the get in touch button and fill out your requirement with your contact email in our VIP China Sourcing page then you will get in touch with our sourcing team to keep the ball rolling on sourcing activity.

  • How your VIP China Sourcing team working different from other sourcing agent in china?

    Firstly our founder of China Sourcing service team get involved every project as the captain to make sure his more than 17 years experience works for every customer, this is the initial advantage compared with other china sourcing agent taking care of customer project by one staff(some kind of greenhand).

    Secondly most of our sourcing service team is the certificate holder of PMP, this make every customer working with us will be taken care by the Captain leading PMP team to avoid any wrong path to go on project sourcing from china.

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