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  • Meekaam Brand Story

    Meekaam's journey as an innovative B2B platform and brand is paved by its aim to provide an online buying experience that's above and beyond the norm.

    Our revolutionary approach to our e-commerce service is driven by our belief that customers deserve not just better, but the best.

    Filling the Gap, Refining the System

    Today's digital technology-reliant platforms lack the human touch, leading to uncertainty and dissatisfaction among some customers. At Meekaam, we see the gaps and pitfalls and are working to improve this situation by synergizing technology and human-enabled services like never before.

    We have created a complementary construct that combines the best of technology and human abilities in one online space, taking online-to-offline shopping to a new level of satisfaction for our B2B customers.

  • The Meekaam Difference

    By integrating cutting-edge tools and personalized services on our platform, we deliver an unparalleled value chain to our customers.

    At Meekaam, we empower online customers to choose quality that’s vetted by our team of experts. This leads to an enhanced level of trust and reliability within our online-to-offline (O2O) system.  


    High Tech, High Touch

    Through our team of primarily PMP-certified experts, our customers are assured that every supplier and brand is Meekaam-approved using a stringent selection, testing, and vetting process. Our QA system provides extra-mile service to ensure our merchants’ compliance with quality standards.

  • Globally Competitive Quality and Pricing You Can Trust

    Meekaam invites Asian manufacturers and brands recognized for their product and service quality. Many of them have been exhibitors at the Canton Fair for several years. This way, our customers are assured that only Meekaam-curated quality products are available on our platform regardless of price points.

    We do the legwork, so our customers don't have to worry about getting substandard products that waste time, effort, and money. Our trustworthy QA systems keep that from happening.  

    Extra-mile Service Beyond the Screen

    We also partner with Sourcing Captain team of professionals who can source and buy industrial products on behalf of our online customers. Those who cannot find what they want on our platform can tap the help of our team of professionals for just a minimal 5% commission.

  • Connect with Top 1% China Manufacturer is Now Possible

    Access Asia’s Top Industrial Goods Manufacturers and Exhibitors

    You can find over (50,000) of Asia’s leading industrial brands and manufacturers who have participated in the world-renowned Canton Fair - China’s top industrial products expo since 1957. and the 50000 companies comes from the huge base of more than 5000000 export business companies within china, it is absolute top 1% in a same platform online for the first time.

    From long-established manufacturers to the newest breed of industrial brands in various niches, we scour, screen, and sign up the best and most trusted.

    Our team of technical experts in various niches examine quality, specifications, and authenticity before bringing them on board our platform.

  • Intelligent, Intuitive, and Responsive

    Our platform only serves as a station. We don't simply rely on our online capabilities but employ an actual team of technical purchasing experts to do field work and meet your requirements.

    At Meekaam, customers can connect with the right supplier, with every aspect of the process monitored by a human team.

    We create a supply chain value beyond our online site that caters to a range of customer needs - from finding a supplier or product offline to facilitating the smooth flow of information, goods, and payments via a secure system.

    We leverage our human expertise to provide an end-to-end, online-to-offline service to deliver value worldwide. Meekaam is designed and managed by humans for humans at the fore, with technology complementing the entire process for optimum results.

    This is the Meekaam brand of service - enabling, empowering, and equipping businesses in various industries worldwide to grow, one excellent product at a time.

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