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RFQ Industrial Sourcing Online

Post an RFQ Online with Your Project Requirement to Get Multi Quote Proposals in a Second.
A Perfect Way to Get Bidding on Project from Top 1% of China Suppliers Who Participated Canton Fair.
Organizations use RFQ online to request for quotes in a fraction of the time. Save time & save money on buying from Asia.

Reducing costs by Meekaam RFQ

Let the excellent manufacturers bid for your project and select the best one to deal with, in this way to save your cost on project, every cent of money spent on its value. especially procurement from Asia in a cost effective way.

Responding quotes comes in Seconds

It is convenient for buyers worldwide to get quote even in different time zone because there will be always some manufacturers representives online at Meekaam.

Ensuring working with excellence

All the manufacturers & suppliers at Meekaam are top level and they are all paticipated the canton fair. working with top level business in each niche now becomes possible in Meekaam.

Crossing industrial project is easier to have quotes

Even you have project cross industry and no worry at all, the top level different industrial manufacturers will give their professional option on quote.

Surfacing high end customer service

Working with the top level manufacturers selected by Meekaam to ensure you have the best customer service on procurement from Asia.

  • What is the main product or industry your VIP China Sourcing service focus on?

    Sourcing Captain working as the leading best china sourcing agent, also name as team of Meekaam VIP Sourcing we mainly focus on those industrial products sourcing fields since we think those industrial items can exert our team advantage on supply chain building & management but not doing those simple product sourcing as like clothes, shoes or daily article supplier sourcing.

  • How soon i can get quotes after posting the RFQ via Meekaam?

    It depends on how complicated your project is, for simple project you may have quotes in seconds, for complicated project RFQ you may have quotes within one day.

  • Who will quote for my RFQ once it is posted? the manufacturers in Meekaam or Meekaam team?

    Once you posted the RFQ in Meekaam, the registered manufacturer member will pay for each RFQ to unlock the opportunity and then the manufacturer has the right to contact buyer directly, Meekaam is a platform but not a middleman, if some customer wants to have VIP sourcing service they can contact us for support. othwise it will be the dealing between manufacturer and buyer internationally.

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