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  • Group 2, Shuangshuinian Village, Qinglong Township, Chengdu
    Li Chang
    Chengdu Baisheng Ocean Import & Export Co., Ltd., which has accumulated decades of experience in the processing and sales of Chinese herbal medicines, has now developed into an export-oriented enterprise integrating planting, processing and sales, which deals in high-grade precious and rare health care products, Chinese herbal medicines and their refined decoction pieces. The company is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan. It has a 1,500-acre pollution-free and pollution-free green Chinese herbal medicine planting base in Mianyang, Sichuan. It has a subsidiary Chengdu Xinyuan Ginseng Health Products Processing Factory. It has wholly acquired Chengdu Kexing Chemical Co., Ltd. and holds Sichuan Parkson Sino-Ocean Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has fully moved towards group operation. The company built a new seven-story building in 2005 according to the GMP standard. From the storage of raw materials, selection, disinfection, drying, packaging, storage, and delivery, all of them adopt advanced processing technology and produce according to the GMP standard, so that the high-end processing and sales The quality of precious and rare health care products, various Chinese herbal medicines and their refined decoction pieces is more guaranteed. With the belief of "quality first, integrity-based, and serving human health", "Parkson Ocean", relying on the rich medicinal resources in Sichuan, a major province of medicinal materials, has taken the lead in the processing and sales of Chuan Songbei, Sichuan Rhubarb, and Sichuan Bupleurum Status, more than 90% of the products are exported; in the acquisition, processing and sales of high-end precious and rare health care products such as Cordyceps, bird's nest, morel, matsutake, it is also among the best in the domestic industry, and has extensive cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign merchants. Chengdu TV Station In 2006, he also made a special report on the fine Cordyceps sold by the company. In recent years, the company has made use of ever-changing high-tech technologies and continued to innovate. It has successfully developed new products such as FD freeze-dried Cordyceps and freeze-dried matsutake. Effective nutritional ingredients, large strips, good color, and long shelf life, are very popular among domestic and foreign merchants. Creating an international famous brand and making first-class quality are the ideas of our Parkson people. We are willing to join hands with customers at home and abroad to contribute our humble efforts to the promotion of human health!
  • Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Peng Jinlong
    Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd. is a high-tech, high-growth, high-efficiency national key high-tech enterprise and a listed company (stock code 002001). The company is mainly engaged in the production and operation of a series of high-quality products such as raw materials, pharmaceutical preparations, food additives and health products, and is one of the largest vitamin manufacturers in the world. In 1999, the company passed the "double high" certification of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successfully implemented 8 national torch plan projects. It is an excellent national torch enterprise. The company is established in a national technology center and owns 9 national new products and 20 provincial new products. The products sell well in the international and domestic markets, with a sales volume of 3.5 billion yuan in 2010 and an annual export volume of 330 million US dollars. Anhui Xinhecheng Wannan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical production enterprise controlled by Zhejiang Xinhecheng Co., Ltd. It is a leading backbone enterprise in the pharmaceutical preparation sector of Xinhecheng and one of the domestic professional skin external drug production bases. It has a provincial The technology center is a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province. The series of anti-malarial, anti-AIDS and anti-tuberculosis products developed by the company sell well in the African market and have been highly appraised by the World Health Organization. At the same time, it is committed to building a domestic production base of "fine, special and high-quality" external skin medicines. It currently produces eight major dosage forms, including ointments, tinctures, topical solutions, syrups, oral solutions, granules, capsules, and tablets. A total of 100 More than a series of varieties. The company's 11 production lines passed the national drug GMP certification as a whole in April 2004, and passed the re-certification in 2009. The products sell well in the domestic pharmaceutical market and are exported to overseas international markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "science and technology first, people-oriented", advocates the corporate values of "innovation, harmony between people, and competition", and insists on being market-oriented. Taking scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for development, adhering to the business principles of "creating morality, sincerity, trust, and business", we provide consumers and partners with high-quality and reliable products and services, and strive to achieve the corporate purpose of "creating wealth and benefiting society". Contribute to the development of human health.
  • No. 1, Taiyanghe Road, Hexian Economic Development Zone, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province
    Luo Junyang
    Anhui Jiugong Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., established in November 2003, covers an area of 99 acres, with a total investment of 55 million yuan. It is a private enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. The company's product range covers a variety of health equipment, sports machinery, elderly care and health equipment and furniture, while providing a rich supply of components, with an annual output of 200,000 massagers (sets). The company has self-support import and export rights and has a complete organizational system and quality assurance system. The company's current main customer base is the world's top 500 companies and industry leaders. With the continuous development of the company, the product quality and technology have reached the world advanced level. In 2009, the company was awarded "Class A Management Enterprise" by China Customs, and was recognized as "High-tech Enterprise" by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The company takes "healthy life" as the center and continuously provides high-level "life technology" as a means to continuously provide customers with the best service, the closest product and the best life health solution. Company address: No. 1, Taiyanghe Road, Hexian Economic Development Zone, Chaohu City, Anhui Province Post Code: 238200 Tel: 0555-5388388, 5389888 Fax: 0555-5388555
  • Room 904, Building 3, Platinum Qianqianjiang Business Consulate, No. 27, Qinglong Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
    Lei Xiaoli
    Aba Prefecture Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. aims at the development direction of modernization, standardization, standardization and internationalization of Chinese herbal medicine pieces and Chinese herbal medicines, starts from the source of wild medicinal materials picking and authentic medicinal materials cultivation, and strictly and effectively controls the stability, safety and quality of our products. efficient. And, relying on an experienced team to promote our products internationally, we have won good reviews.
  • Room 302/203, Building 5, Yard 14, Zaojun Temple, Haidian District, Beijing
    Wang Haiyan
    Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise invested and established by the Pharmaceutical Development Center of the National Population and Family Planning Commission. With the purpose of improving people's reproductive health, the company takes contraceptives and reproductive health products as its main business, develops the domestic market, develops international trade, cooperates with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, introduces advanced management and technology, and establishes entities. Build a brand and create a first-class enterprise. The company's business scope is: sales of reproductive health products, family planning medicines, medical devices; investment consulting, information consulting, technology development, technical training, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical services; self-management and agency of various commodities and technologies Import and export business.
  • 3rd Floor, No. 4 Factory Building, Science and Technology Park, South China Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine City, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City
    Xia Honghui
    Zhongshan World Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in September 2007. It is located in Zhongshan National Health Science and Technology Industry Base, with a registered capital of 16.88 million yuan and a factory area of about 2,000 square meters. The company integrates R&D, manufacturing, operation and service, and is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of silicone rubber medical consumable products. At present, the company has twelve patents that belong to independent research and development. The company decorates the workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard for medical devices, with a production capacity of 3 million pieces per year (catheters). At present, it has obtained the "Production License" for Class II medical polymer materials and products; the "Product Registration Certificate" for silicone catheters; the EU CE certification; ISO13485:2012+AC:2009 quality management system certification, import and export warrants and other documents . With the goal of "high quality and low cost", the company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development and innovation of silicone rubber medical catheters. In terms of product manufacturing technology, the company's self-developed and improved equipment and technology have changed the traditional method that requires a lot of hand-made, that is, changed "hand-made" to "machine-made"; in terms of innovation, the company has developed a smooth guide (urine) Tubes, anti-reflux catheters (urine) tubes, combined catheters (urine) tubes, silicone rubber hysterography tubes and unblockers, latex glove automatic wearers and other products, in terms of variety diversification, product quality improvement and price. Absolute market competitive advantage. In the future, the company will focus on the development of silicone rubber medical consumable products with its own intellectual property rights; market strategic measures will hit the low-end export market with "cheap and good quality", focus on high-end markets in Europe and the United States with "high quality and high price", and gradually cultivate "high cost performance" In the domestic market, the three tracks are parallel, and the internal management of the enterprise is constantly improved during the development process, and the scale of the enterprise and the market share are expanded.
  • Xuanmen Industrial Zone, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province
    Li Liangxiang
    Zhejiang Yusheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. It is a professional company that has passed the registration of the State Drug Administration and produces disposable medical devices. The company has total assets of more than 100 million yuan, and the factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, including 5,000 square meters of 100,000-level purification workshops that meet GMP standards. The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, complete testing methods, and a sound quality system. The product quality is excellent, with an annual production capacity of 300 million pieces (pairs) of infusion sets, syringes and other products. The products sell well in the domestic market and are exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions. It is a leading international medical device manufacturer.
  • Zongsan Road, Jinyanshan Industrial Zone, Quanxi Town, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, China
    Fan Tianrong
    Zhejiang Kaide Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyi Tongqin Industrial Zone, Central Zhejiang Development Zone. It is an early high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and manufacture of second-class dental equipment and sterilization equipment in China. Entering the 21st century, China's reform and opening up has achieved fruitful results, and the living standards of Chinese people have become well-off. "Pay attention to human health and prevent cross-infection of bacteria" has become a common research topic for people all over the world. For this reason, in 2004, Kaide people initiated the research and development of the most high-end sterilization equipment—intelligent and humanized sterilizers. The automatic and high-precision processing equipment demonstrates the impeccable sterilization effect of the "Kade" sterilizer. The simple operation, complete function settings, excellent cost performance, stable and reliable control system exude the wisdom and wisdom of the Kaide people. Scientific and technological research and development strength. The product has obtained European TUV "CE" certification, IS013485:2003 quality system certification, has a number of national patents, and won the special invention gold award of "China International Patent and Brand Expo" hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office. In 2007, it was appraised as "Jinhua City Patent Demonstration Enterprise" and "Jinhua City High-tech Enterprise".
  • Tianrong Science and Technology Park, No. 21-1, Yangshan Road, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu
    Liu Bing
    "Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Software Enterprise" domestic senior monitor manufacturer.
  • No. 132, Xianyuan Avenue, Xiantao City, Hubei Province
    Huang Daxiang
    Xiantao Sanda Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a Chinese company specializing in the production of non-woven products and plastic products. The products include masks, round caps, protective clothing, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, shoe covers and other products. We have 2 factories located in Xiantao City, Hubei, the non-woven fabric production base in Asia. Our production workshop and warehouse are more than 70,000 square meters, with 2,000 high-tech employees, including 1,850 skilled workers and 150 management personnel. Usually, we provide 15 40-foot-high cabinets of products every week. The products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe and the United States. Asia market. The company has obtained ISO9001:2008, CE, FDA certificates, and has obtained certificates from world-renowned laboratories. We are confident to be your trusted supplier in China. At the same time we look forward to cooperating with you.
  • 5th Floor, Block B, Optics Valley Precision Technology Park, No. 8 Changchengyuan Road, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City
    Chang Zhihui
    Wuhan Jinlaite Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China Optics Valley·Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone. It is a national key high-tech optoelectronic enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, training and maintenance. The predecessor of the company was one of the earliest companies engaged in the development of laser equipment in China. The products are oriented by the core technology of Europe and the United States. After more than 20 years of development, a research institute, a chassis factory and three series of gynecology, laser and beauty have been established. Product manufacturing base, the company is committed to developing medical equipment with more reasonable configuration, more stable performance, more advanced technology, more reliable use, and easier operation. The main products currently produced by our company are: JLT-MD500 series semiconductor laser therapy machine, E Photocosmetic treatment machine, photon skin rejuvenation machine, fractional laser treatment machine, ultra-pulse CO2 laser treatment machine, JLT CO2 laser treatment machine (luxury/portable), cold treatment device, postpartum rehabilitation treatment device, JLT-I type Multi-functional gynecological treatment machine, red light treatment device, Bohm light treatment device, pelvic inflammatory disease treatment device, high-frequency ion therapy device, environmental protection smoke exhaust purifier. Based on talent and technology and rooted in quality, the company creates the best products and efficient and thoughtful after-sales service network. All employees of the company will unite and cooperate, carry forward the enterprise spirit of "keep improving, build quality, climb the peak forever, and never give up", and follow the enterprise tenet of "seeking trust with sincerity, seeking excellence with excellence, and achieving harmony and win-win with Jinleixin", Strive to be a first-class enterprise with "first-class talents, first-class products, first-class integrity, and first-class service", provide users with high-quality products, make the greatest contribution to the vigorous development of my country's science and technology, and benefit mankind.
  • No. 15, Lingkun South Road, Lingkun Street, Longwan District, Wenzhou City
    Ji Zhongyu
    Wenzhou Naisikang Protective Products Co., Ltd. is located in Lingkun Town, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, a beautiful eco-tourism town in Zhejiang Province, 8km away from Wenzhou Airport. The company is mainly engaged in mercury sphygmomanometer straps, sphygmomanometer straps, electronic sphygmomanometer cuffs, wristbands, various types of non-bag blood pressure cuffs\disposable non-cloth armbands, monitor cuffs and various medical kits, etc. Product design and production. And apply for medical device registration certificate The company has a long production history, has a strong design and production management team, the company's quality management system has passed ISO13485 certification; the bandage products for blood pressure measurement have passed EU CE certification. The company is winning praise from more and more domestic and foreign partners with first-class product quality, first-class production management, first-class after-sales service and reasonable product prices. We look forward to your favor.
  • No. 286, Donghang Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
    Duan Di
    Introduction of Sichuan Kangyuan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Sichuan Kangyuan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is located at No. 286 Donghang Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan, and is located in the Chengdu Industrial Development High-tech Park. Mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of medical B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instruments. The company has a high-quality team of professionals in scientific research, management, production, and marketing. It has an advanced automatic production line for the production, testing, and testing of complete sets of B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instruments. It has established and implemented the international standard ISO9000 (GB/T1900-2008) , YY/T0287-2003 quality management system, is a high-tech medical equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. With professional level and mature technology, it has risen rapidly in the field of B-ultrasound. The company has developed more than ten models of medical B-type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument series products. After the quality inspection of the National Medical Device Product Quality Inspection Center, all technical indicators are in line with the GB10152-1997 "B-type ultrasonic diagnostic equipment" standard, and passed Appraisal of scientific and technological achievements and appraisal of new products and new technologies organized by provincial organizations. Various performance indicators have reached the leading level of similar domestic products. The product is suitable for the effective diagnosis of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, thyroid, breast, bladder, uterine appendages and other organs of the human body. The company's products not only occupy a share in the domestic market, but also are exported to Africa and Southeast Asia. The products enjoy a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets and are favored by customers. The company insists on surviving on quality and developing on credit, and attracts customers from all over the world with high-quality products, reasonable prices, excellent service and good reputation. The company's beautiful environment, spacious place, high-quality talent team, advanced technology, and sophisticated equipment provide customers with more advanced technology, more stable quality products and customer-satisfied services. This is the eternal goal of the company. We look forward to establishing a long-term friendly partnership with you!
  • No. 15, Kaizhou Road, Puyang City, Henan Province
    Yang Baoji
    Puyang Fuyuan Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a comprehensive professional foreign trade company with independent legal personality and the right to operate import and export. The strength of the company is strong, with a group of professional international trade business personnel and a fixed base of foreign customers and export products. Main business: medical packaging and dressings (ampoules, control bottles, molded bottles, etc.); perfume bottles, plastic medicine bottles, glass tubes, glass laboratory supplies (beakers, measuring cylinders, volumetric bottles, test tubes, etc.). The company always adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, quality and innovation, and has achieved good social and economic benefits. The company's reputation and corporate image are highly praised by customers. Puyang Fuyuan Trading Co., Ltd. is willing to sincerely invite people of insight from all over the world to seek common development on the basis of mutual benefit, and work together to create tomorrow's brilliance.
  • 7th Floor, Area A, Zhejiang University Science and Technology Park, No. 698 Jingdong Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
    Xu Liyuan
    Jiangxi Kangde International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company specializing in self-management and agent import and export of medical equipment and instruments. Its main business is medical equipment import and export. The customers are more than 100 medical institutions in more than 90 provinces, cities and counties in Jiangxi Province. With many years of working history and high-quality business personnel, Jiangxi Kangde International Trade Co., Ltd. enjoys a good reputation and high popularity in the industry. From the early introduction of equipment for infrastructure construction in Jiangxi Province (such as provincial telecommunications, provincial postal services, water plants, power plants, etc.), and the technological transformation projects of large state-owned enterprises (such as Jiangzhong, Xingang, Jiangxi Printing Group, etc.), to recent years To focus on the introduction of equipment for medical units at all levels in the province, the import of teaching equipment for colleges and universities in the province, and the import of medical equipment in Jiangxi Province from large-scale foreign government loans and financial institutions. Jiangxi Kangde International Trade Co., Ltd. relies on "dedicated To achieve professionalism, to exchange sincerity for satisfaction" business philosophy has won the affirmation and support of more and more users. Jiangxi Kangde International Trading Co., Ltd. has established and implemented the ISO9001:2000 quality management system within the company in accordance with international quality management standards combined with the company's successful management experience. Commitment to customers, so as to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services. For a long time, with the support of relevant government departments, customs, commodity inspection and banks, and through the joint efforts of all employees of the company, we have won the high trust of domestic and foreign customers and promoted the sustainable and stable development of our company. The annual turnover in 12 years has exceeded Up to 15 million US dollars. Our company has successively passed the qualification review of our dealers by foreign PHILIPS, GE, SIMENS, etc., and has established good cooperative relations with more than ten domestic medical equipment manufacturers. Our products are exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and other countries in the world. All the personnel in the export department of our company have the level of English majors and have many years of experience in foreign trade import and export. In addition, our company has obtained the medical device business license of the People's Republic of China, and obtained the A1 certification of Dun & Bradstreet International Certification Agency, with good financial status and credit.
  • Qingfeng Road, Yuyue Industrial Park, Yunyang Development Zone, Danyang, Jiangsu
    Zhao Liye
    Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of medical equipment and nursing equipment. It was founded in 1984. It mainly produces more than 80 varieties of products in 9 categories, including hospital equipment, basic diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment, medical atomization, medical suction, optical instruments, oxygen generators, wheelchairs and health care equipment. The company has superior production and office environment as well as modern CNC manufacturing equipment and production lines. It has comprehensive manufacturing capabilities in metal precision machining, electroplating, powder spraying, electronic instruments, injection molding, and optical lens processing. At present, the company has developed into one of the largest medical equipment production bases in my country. Quality creates a brand, and the company focuses on technical content and quality control in the product manufacturing process. Yuyue brand sphygmomanometer was rated as "China Famous Brand Product" in September 2005. The company's main products have successively passed the "FDA certification" of the United States, the "CE certification" of the European Union, the "SG safety certification" of Japan, the TUV test of Germany and the ISO9002 quality system certification of China. In 2003, Yuwell Medical Equipment was rated as "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product". Relying on high-quality products and services, a sound marketing network has been established throughout the country. The superiority of the brand has become increasingly prominent, and the production and sales of major products are far ahead in the country. Yuwell medical equipment has become the first choice brand for consumers at home and abroad. The company actively participates in international cooperation and competition, and completes cooperative production and joint ventures with outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises. At present, Jiangsu Yingke Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yuyue Xinpuwei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. have been jointly established with Taiwan Xinpuwei Company; Established Tianjin Guojian Medical Equipment Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. as a joint venture. The company makes full use of global resources, technology and information, establishes a global procurement system and logistics platform, promotes the improvement of production technology, and promotes global marketing. The company has a rich cultural background, pays attention to the introduction and training of talents, and gradually establishes a professional, young, and capable production and management team. Through the export of culture and management, the company will expand internationally, establish the company's leading position in China's medical device industry, and obtain excellent economic and social benefits. And on this basis, create a cute, credible and reliable Yuyue healthy home.
  • C819, Zhongxin Uptown, Chengde North Road, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province
    Yao Zhigang
    Our company is a new type of industrial and trade enterprise with a high starting point and high technology. It mainly produces, sells and maintains high-tech products such as medical endoscopes and supporting electrical appliances. Supplemented by instruments, equipment, pharmaceutical chemicals and daily necessities, the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the European Union, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Second Floor, High-tech Entrepreneurship Building, High-tech Zone, Guilin City, Guangxi
    Liao Yongmei
    Guilin Kangxing Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, operation and service. Over the years, we have been committed to the development and production of optical, electrical and computer integration technology. Using more than 50 patented technologies independently developed by our company, we are now producing a series of semiconductor laser therapeutic devices, disposable optical fiber needles, disposable light guide heads, and laser sitz bath machines. The products have been inspected by the State Food and Drug Administration and approved for production registration. In 2000, the company obtained the right to import and export independently. In 2001, our company obtained the ISO9001+ISO13485 international quality management system certification. In 2006, the semiconductor laser/low frequency therapeutic apparatus obtained the EU CE product certification. The company's products have won the trust of new and old customers at home and abroad with excellent performance, reliable quality and perfect after-sales service.
  • No. 41, Nanhuan Road, Jiugong Town, Daxing District, Beijing
    Yan Yiwen
    Founded in 1997, Beijing Keers Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is a high-tech group enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, production, sales and service of electronic instruments, medical and health care equipment and beauty and body equipment in China. . After years of development, with the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, good reputation, and the business philosophy of maximizing the value of users, Kells has achieved remarkable results and good social benefits in the domestic and foreign markets, and has become a Chinese medical cosmetology company. The most powerful enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the first medical beauty and health care equipment manufacturer in the domestic industry to pass the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification. Kells cooperates with many of the world's largest medical beauty R&D manufacturers, and has established the industry's largest R&D center, manufacturing center, and has an advanced experimental center and strict quality inspection system. The researchers have international advanced design concepts and With rich experience, they have long-term exchanges and cooperation with experts in the international beauty industry, look at the world, keep abreast of the latest international trends and trends, and always keep the technology and technological content of their products in sync with the world's most advanced products. Relying on strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, the company has provided electronic product R&D and processing services for many large foreign companies, and also provided more than 20 kinds of ODM/OEM services with domestic and foreign advanced levels for domestic and foreign industry customers. The close cooperation community has won the recognition of customers for its low price, high quality and professional marketing guidance, technical training and perfect after-sales service. Kells has become their solid technical backing and quality backing, providing them with short-term It provides uninterrupted support to maximize the benefits within the company and has achieved a good reputation in the market. After years of development, with the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, good reputation, and the business philosophy of maximizing the benefits of users, Kells has achieved remarkable results and good social benefits in the domestic and foreign markets, and has become a Chinese medical cosmetology company. The most powerful enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry. The company adheres to the principle of "customers are the foundation of enterprise survival, quality is the root of enterprise survival", and is willing to cooperate sincerely with customers at home and abroad for common development!
  • Floor 7, Block B, Yonghe Building, No. 28, Andingmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Hu Liwei
    Beijing Jinhuahan New Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing. The company integrates research and development, production and sales. The products sell well both domestically and overseas, with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. Since its establishment in 1987, the company has gathered a group of experts who have long been engaged in nuclear industry, aerospace industry, electronic industry, and medical research. A series of high-tech products have won dozens of national patents. Among them, the flagship product Huahan Acupuncture God Diagnosis and Treatment Fitness Instrument has four functions of diagnosis, treatment, fitness and beauty, and is in the leading position in the world in technology. In the past 15 years, it has relieved the pain of millions of patients at home and abroad, and has been recognized by the authority of the United States. The magazine "Fortune" predicts that it will be one of the top ten best-selling products in the world in the future. The company has maintained a momentum of rapid development for several years, and has established a scientific research and production base in Longgang, Shenzhen. In order to meet the needs of the market, branches or offices have been established in many large and medium-sized cities in the mainland, and a branch in Hong Kong. In more than a thousand cities across the country, let Huahan Needle God enter thousands of households as soon as possible like refrigerators, televisions, computers and other household appliances.
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