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  • Renhe Village, Xiaocao'e Town, Yuyao City
    Liu Honglan
    Yuyao Jiaming Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the northwest of Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, with Hangzhou Bay in the north, National Highway 329 in the south, and Hangzhou Bay Bridge. It is a limited liability company specializing in the research and development, production and export of wire and cable, plugs and sockets, wire assemblies, couplers, appliance switches, lamps, lamp holders and small household appliances. The company covers an area of 15,000 square meters, construction area of 12,000 square meters, fixed assets of 9 million yuan, about 180 employees, 28 engineers and technicians and middle and senior managers. The company actively adopts national standards and advanced international standard organizations for production, and has obtained 17 national standards such as CCC; UL and CUL in the United States; CSA in Canada; BSI in the United Kingdom; VDE and GS in Germany; NF in France; National certification mark. The products are sold all over the country and exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and South Africa. Over the years, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of "creating a good environment and seeking common progress", and under the guidance of the quality policy of "winning customers with integrity and expanding the market with high quality", all employees have worked hard, kept making progress, and worked hard, and achieved gratifying results. score.
  • Qingsong Technology Building, No. 7, Biyuan 2nd Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an
    Liu Wei
    Xi'an Qingsong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 1992. It is a high-tech company specializing in display technology/product development, production, sales and system integration. It is the longest history in China's LED display industry so far. , the company with the strongest technical strength and the best product quality. As one of the largest manufacturers of LED electronic display screens in China and the vice-chairman unit of the China LED Industry Association, the company has installed nearly 10,000 LEDs for sports, transportation, advertising, finance, securities, post and telecommunications, electric power and other information release fields. Displays and display systems. Users are located in dozens of countries and regions around the world, and enjoy a high reputation in the industry, users and society. Based on the first-class team and first-class technology, Qingsong Technology has produced first-class products; based on first-class products, honest code of conduct and service-oriented business philosophy, Qingsong Technology has won a wide range of customers; based on the trust, support and love of customers , Qingsong Technology can develop healthily and sustainably. Qingsong Technology always adheres to the basic concept of common development of customers, employees and shareholders. Through the efforts of all Qingsong people, Qingsong Technology will provide customers with the highest quality products and services; provide employees with a broad development space; provide investors with generous returns ! As an enterprise specializing in display technology/products, the company will continue to explore in the field of large and giant displays, and rely on the unremitting "Qingsong" spirit and the diligence and wisdom of all employees to develop Qingsong Technology into a well-known brand in China. The large and giant display system manufacturers and system integrators have made Qingsong grow into a high-tech enterprise with international competitiveness!
  • Block B, 11th Floor, Lijing Pavilion, Cathay Plaza, No. 18, Zhongshan Road, Wuzhou City, Guangxi
    Li Ping
    Wuzhou Aoshun Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional microscope import and export company, which was established in 2004. In February of the same year, it was granted the right to operate import and export by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The main business of our company includes: (1) Export of various optical microscopes widely used in laboratories, universities, forensic science and industry, including biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, metallographic microscopes, polarizing microscopes, measuring microscopes, comparison microscopes and tool microscopes, etc. (2) Export of medical optical microscopes widely used in medical institutions and research departments: dental surgical mirrors, ENT surgical mirrors, colposcopes, hysteroscopes, ophthalmic surgical instruments, ophthalmic autorefractors, endoscopes, slicers and other surgical Operating Microscope. (3) Investment, OEM and ODM entrust factories to design and develop related optical instruments and equipment. Relying on experienced export personnel, excellent management and first-class service, our company rapidly develops the international market, and our products are exported to all over the world and enjoy a high reputation. As of the end of last year, our company has established trade relations with more than 80 merchants in more than 40 countries and regions. In 2010, the export volume reached more than 2 million US dollars. Adhering to the tenet of "Aushun provides one-stop service for purchasing microscopes", our company actively develops customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Our slogan is: "Microscope is our business, service is our advantage!"
  • No. 2 Wanglin East Road, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City
    Yu Bin
    Wenzhou Jianda Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial electrical industry belt of Yueqing and Liushi, Zhejiang, the famous capital of electrical appliances in China. Since its establishment in 1996, it has been committed to customizing, developing and producing low-voltage electrical products and spare parts for international large companies. Its main customers include: IPD, WILO, LITTELFUSE, GM, COOPER BUSSMANN, Philips, ITT, LG, LUCY, etc., and its products are widely used in electrical engineering, electromechanical equipment, automobiles and other fields. The company has fixed assets of 80 million yuan, more than 360 employees, and a plant area of 11,000 square meters. The company has self-support import and export rights, and has obtained TS16949: 2009 system certification, and its products are exported to Australia, Europe, America and other countries and regions. All exported products meet the requirements of the EU RoHS environmental protection directive and the US UL certification standards. It has been rated as "Wenzhou Mold Industry Elite", "Wenzhou Top 30 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises", and "A-Class Supplier" of Alstom, one of the world's top 500 companies, for many times. Jianda has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "synchronizing with the world and win-win with customers", and always insisting on "good quality, high efficiency and low cost" to enhance customer value. In order to improve the company's mold industry standard, improve the overall competitive strength, adapt to the international and domestic competitive environment under the new situation, establish high-end Chinese manufacturing and local manufacturing brand, in order to adapt to the company's development strategy, in 2010, 50 mu of land was acquired in Wenzhou Binhai Industrial Zone , to build a modern industrial park with more complete functions.
  • Chuangwei Yongji Building, Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
    Wang Xue
    Founded in 2003, the company is positioned to specialize in the production of modular terminal electrical appliances for household and similar purposes. At present, the products are mainly OEM or ODM for many well-known international companies, and the production volume of electromagnetic RCCB and RCBO ranks the leading position in China. The R&D and production of residual current releases are the strengths of the company. With ample ultra-clean rooms and high-precision production and testing equipment, it is an enterprise with an advantage in domestic production capacity. The company has branches in Liushi, Wenzhou and Jinshan, Shanghai, with a total of 1036 employees, including 168 professional and technical personnel. In the past five years, the average annual sales growth rate has increased by 30%, and this growth momentum will continue to be strong.
  • No. 222 Weiqi Road, Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
    Hou Shasha
    Tongling Technology Group Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise with high-tech patented technology protected by intellectual property rights. She is adjacent to Yandang Mountain, a national scenic area with beautiful scenery in the north, and Oujiang River in the south. It is located in the "Electrical Capital of China" - Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. The company specializes in the production of GFCI (English abbreviation for grounding, fault, leakage, and protection) series products, LCDI series products, RCCB series products, TIMER (timer) series products, DIMMER (dimmer) series products, switch socket series products, etc. All product series have passed the American UL certification, ETL certification and Canadian CUL certification, and have obtained 4 American invention patents and 29 domestic patents. There are 68 domestic and foreign patents under application (including 4 Canadian patents). All products are exported to the United States, Canada, North America and EU countries. The new generation of intelligent ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) independently developed by the company won the "Major Invention Award" and "First Prize of Science and Technology Progress" in Wenzhou City. The company has been rated as: "Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise", "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China AAA Credit Enterprise", and was listed as "National Torch Program".
  • The second floor of Tianzheng Building, Dongfeng Industrial Zone, Liushi City, Yueqing City
    Shi Zhengzheng
    Tianzheng Group is one of the largest enterprises in China's industrial electrical industry. It has successively won the titles of national large-scale enterprises, national-level enterprises, China's top 100 electrical appliances enterprises, and world's top 500 Chinese business enterprises. It has more than 9,000 employees
  • Yanhe Road, Qinlan Town, Tianchang City
    Dai Cheng
    Anhui Fuhua Company is a wholly-owned private enterprise with a medium scale and a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It has more than 1,000 employees, the factory covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters, and has assets of more than 100 million yuan. The affiliated companies include Anhui Fudi Xinxin Technology Co., Ltd., Tianchang Fuyuan Wire Factory, Tianchang Xinsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianchang Tianbo Electronic Component Factory and other enterprises have nearly 1,000 employees. The company has an annual output of 10 million color TV flyback transformers, 10 million sets of black and white flyback transformers and deflection coils, 3 million transformers for various lamps, 1 million power adapters, 60,000 tons of copper rods and wires With a production capacity of 1,000 beam detectors, the production and sales volume of various products ranks in the forefront of the same industry. The company has passed CQC, UL, CE, VDE and other mark certifications, ISO9001 international quality system certification, and obtained the right to import and export foreign trade.
  • Xinhua Street, Qinlan Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province
    Lin Wenshu
    Founded in 2004, our company is located in Xinhua Street, Qinlan Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province. There are more than 230 employees, including more than 30 professional and technical personnel. The company covers an area of 28,000 square meters. It is a professional company that produces color displays, color TV degaussing coils, power cords, enameled wires, signal wires and other products. It has an annual output capacity of 20 million sets of connectors, 20 million sets of degaussing coils, and 20 million sets of power cords. 50% of the products are sold to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places, and 50% are sold to Europe, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The production and sales of products rank in the forefront of the industry. Passed the national CQC certification in 2006, passed the UL, VDE, SGS certification in 2006, passed the ISO-9001:2000 quality system certification in 2007, and passed the CCC certification in 2008. And has 8 independent research and development patents, was rated as "high-tech enterprise" in 2011. It has been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit" and "Civilized Unit" for many times. The company has spared no expense in investing in equipment, and imported top international equipment such as Taiwan, which has significantly enhanced the production capacity of Fuxin's equipment. The increase in production capacity has directly led to the improvement of economic benefits. In 2008, the annual output value of Fuxin Electronics was 48 million yuan. In 2009, the annual output value jumped to 82 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70%. The main reason why Fuxin Electronics can achieve such impressive results in a short period of time is that the company has a high-quality technical team and management team with excellent technology, rich experience, and courage to innovate. The company encourages all employees to innovate in technology, continuously optimizes processes and production processes, limits various energy consumption, and implements standardization and normalization in management, which is not only people-oriented, but also stimulates the creativity of all employees to the greatest extent. In 2011, our company was able to increase sales efforts and closely cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign companies on the basis of existing customers, including Hita, Hisense, Konka, Kangdao, TCL, etc. So far this year, a total of 15 million sets of degaussing wires, 15 million power cords, and 800 tons of enameled wires have been sold, with an output value of nearly 80 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 45%.
  • Bianyi Township Street, Tianchang City
    Wang Hong
    The company is located in Tianchang City, Anhui Province. Its main products include lead crystal glass lamps and utensils, kiln glass handicrafts and lamps, industrial equipment, etc., with more than 4,000 varieties in 25 series in five categories.
  • Augustis Avenue, Jingsi Road, Tianchang City, Anhui Province
    Zhou Luping
    Tramp is a green and environment-friendly enterprise mainly engaged in air and water treatment. It is also an applied technology enterprise that attaches great importance to innovative research and development, and has high technology and excellent equipment. It has three branches in Tianchang, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Tianchang Chuangpu Electronics Factory is its largest subsidiary. It was founded in the early 1980s and is located in the Economic Development Zone of Tianchang City, Anhui Province. The factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters and has more than 500 employees. Its products involve domestic water , Drinking water, industrial water, air purification, air disinfection and many other fields. Before the official launch of air and water purification home appliances, Tramp mainly produced accessories such as negative ion generators, positive and negative ion generators, and ozone generators, which were widely used in household appliances such as hair dryers, air conditioners, computers, and bathrooms. According to the accumulated experience in the environmental protection accessories industry and the comprehensive understanding of the upstream and downstream of the industry, in June 2011, Toptop officially launched air and water purification home appliances, and entered the field of environmental protection appliances from well-known accessories manufacturers. The main products include: air purification machine, ozone disinfection machine and ozone air purifier. "Concentrate on environmental protection and lead a healthy new life" is the core concept of TOP, which perfectly integrates the product design concept with the home environment, strives for perfection, creates a fresh and clean atmosphere from the appearance to the effect of the product, and passes on the healthy life mode. Into thousands of households, making people's lives more comfortable.
  • Xidingre Industrial Park, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province
    Xu Jinghuan
    Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is located in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Its subsidiaries include: Huatai Sunshine (Beijing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Tangshan Dingre Solar Equipment Manufacturing Factory, Tangshan Dingre Solar Technology Research and Development Department, Solar Engineering Division, Solar Water Heater Division and other major entities. Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise integrating science, industry and trade in the research and development of solar heat sources in North China, with 200 employees. The company has a united and progressive core team and a group of outstanding technical personnel. The technical department currently has 12 senior engineers and 20 senior technicians. The company has introduced world-class production equipment and has a first-class research and development team composed of dozens of Chinese and foreign experts. It has established a platform for the combination of production, education and research with many famous universities and scientific research units, making Tingre in the leading position in the solar energy industry in terms of technology research and development. status. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, 3C compulsory product certification, and has the national standard qualification of solar water heating engineering; and has obtained 36 national authoritative certifications such as "Top Ten Famous Brands in the National Water Tank Industry". The solar energy series products independently developed and produced by Dingre cover two major systems of "photothermal" and "photovoltaic". The "photothermal" products mainly include: multi-series solar water heaters, heat collector headers for solar water heating projects, stainless steel square heat preservation water tanks, round heat preservation water tanks, and stainless steel tower-free water supplies, etc. "Photovoltaic" products mainly include: solar lights (street lights, garden lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, advertising light boxes); LED lights; logo); power station (mobile power station; independent power station, grid-connected power station); solar controller; solar inverter, etc. It meets the light and heat needs of different regions, families, enterprises, institutions, governments, and cities, and contributes the most heat and light to the construction of new rural areas in China and the creation of first-class ecological cities. With the strong support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the "Tangshan Dingre Solar Industrial Park" located in Pachigang Industrial Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province officially broke ground on March 11, 2009. The project has an investment of 67 million yuan, covers an area of 100 mu, and has a total construction area of 41,455 square meters. It will build solar water heater production workshops, thermal insulation water tank production workshops, vacuum tube production workshops and office buildings. Purchase computer straight seam argon arc welding machine, computer numerical control punching machine, microcomputer circular welding equipment, microcomputer tube head automatic welding equipment, magnetron sputtering equipment, shearing machine, laminating machine, sintering furnace, cleaning machine, automatic sealing machine and other equipment 350 sets (sets) and one production line of solar thermal photoelectric utilization equipment. After the project is completed and put into operation in September, the annual output will be 10,000 solar street lamps, 100,000 household solar water heaters, 16,600 tower-less water supply units and 16,600 pressurized heat preservation water tanks. The production capacity of 1660 tons of water tank modules, 40000 sets of solar collectors, 16500 tons of thermal insulation water tanks, 10000 solar street lamps, 7500000 all-glass vacuum heat collectors, including multi-field solar energy utilization projects. The company is located in Tangshan, the center of the Bohai Bay Rim. The four main railway lines of Jingha, Tongtuo, Jingqin and Daqin run through the whole area; Tang Port, Tianjin Port, and Tangshan Caofeidian Port form the largest shipping network in North China. With the integrated logistics system of railway, high-speed and sea transportation, it has become an irresistible competitive advantage that can quickly radiate the whole country, step out of the country and go to the world.
  • Economic Development Zone, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province
    Suihua Longjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company is located in the silicon-based new material industrial park of Suihua Economic Development Zone. It is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise specializing in the solar energy industry. It covers an area of 100,000 square meters. 20 million yuan for the construction of a monocrystalline silicon rod/sheet production line with an annual output of 100 megawatts of solar cells. Focusing on silicon materials for solar cells, and adopting a combination of production and scientific research, the silicon wafers produced have the characteristics of high raw material purity, large, square, and thin, with domestic leading advanced technology, good product quality, and market demand exceeds supply. It belongs to the high-tech industry supported by the state. The company's project has been included in the high-tech industrialization project that Heilongjiang Province is promoting. Longjing Company takes green and environmental protection as the theme of project development, mainly constructing production lines, and supporting power supply, water supply, heat supply, gas supply, communication, sanitation, energy saving, safety, office, dormitory and other related facilities to form monocrystalline silicon rods, One-stop production system for silicon wafers. Looking forward to the future, we are confident that the brand of Longjing Company will be stronger and bigger in the photovoltaic industry. Our company will take "obtaining new energy with sunlight and lighting up the future for mankind" as its purpose, and will actively contribute to the development of environmental protection and energy conservation. contribution!
  • Minyang Building, Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
    Lin Binglei
    Minyang Group Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of Yandang Mountain, which enjoys the reputation of the world's geological park, and is on the verge of the beautiful and rich East China Sea - Liushi, the capital of electrical appliances in China. Its predecessor was Yueqing Shentai Electric Appliance Factory, which was founded in March 1994. In 1997, it was renamed as Yueqing Minyang Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1998, it was promoted to Zhejiang Minyang Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1999, it was promoted to China· Minyang Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established Minyang Electric Group Co., Ltd. in July 2000, and changed its name to Minyang Group Co., Ltd. in June 2006. It is a national non-regional large-scale enterprise approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Years of development have made Minyang Group a leading industrial electrical appliance company integrating R&D, manufacturing, trade, service and other functions, and involving real estate, investment, energy development, trade logistics, information industry and other fields. There are no regional large-scale enterprises, with multiple manufacturing bases and R&D centers in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places. The group mainly produces and operates more than 80 series of products such as high and low voltage electrical appliances, power transmission and transformation equipment, and instruments. Sales companies, authorized dealers, and more than 10 foreign sales companies and agencies. The products sell well all over the country and international markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East, and are used in many national and provincial key projects. Minyang Electric is famous all over the world. For a long time, Minyang Group adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, quality-based enterprise, innovation-based enterprise, and culture-based enterprise", strictly implements integrated quality management, and actively broadens the way of technological innovation, especially the R&D and production of independent intellectual property rights. "Hunting-Electronic Eagle" mobile phone remote monitoring system product has filled the gap in China. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, and is the first batch to obtain the national compulsory certification CCC certificate. In 2003, it invested more than 1 million yuan to establish a laboratory and product testing center, and now has an annual production capacity of 50 million sets of low-voltage electrical appliances. Excellent quality and excellent service have won praise from domestic and foreign customers, the market share has grown rapidly, and the corporate reputation has continued to improve. The group has won more than 30 honors, including "China AAA Quality Credit Enterprise", "Zhejiang Three Excellent Enterprises", "Zhejiang AAA Contract-abiding and Credit-honoring Enterprise", and "Zhejiang AAA Credit Enterprise". In 2006, we even won two national honors: miniature circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers won the "National Inspection-Free Products", Minyang CHMY trademark was recognized as "China Famous Brand". With a development trend full of vigor and vitality, Minyang people have come from behind, soared all the way, and grown rapidly. They have received full support and great attention from leaders at all levels and colleagues from all walks of life; they are one of the enterprises with great development potential in China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry. In 2003, Premier Wen Jiabao wrote an inscription for Minyang Group: "Minyang Group is taking off". Looking forward to the future, Minyang Group will face greater challenges and business opportunities. Minyang people will keep pace with the times in line with the requirements of the times, constantly adjust the industrial structure, expand capital strength, implement brand strategies, and create new economic growth points. Integrity and pragmatism, we are willing to work together with domestic and foreign merchants and people from all walks of life to create a better future.
  • No. 40, Center Street, Xiuyan Town, Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province
    Huang Dezhong
    Brief Introduction to Liaoning Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Liaoning Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in Xiuyan County with comprehensive import and export rights approved by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation. Company registration The capital is 500,000 yuan, and the annual export earnings are 3 million US dollars. The company's business scope: self-operated and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies. The company's business is mainly hardware and minerals, craft light industry, native products and livestock products, grain, oil and food, and textile chemical industry, with more than 30 varieties (light burnt magnesium, magnesium sulfate, brucite, calcite, dry ladle, salted mushrooms, canned food, etc.) series of varieties, jade and marble handicrafts and jade health care products, clothing series, wild vegetables and home-grown vegetables, tussah water reeled silk, spun silk series, charcoal, cellulose and aquatic products). The company's products not only have a good sales market in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, but also maintain good trade relations with the United States and the European Union. In particular, jade products sold to South Korea, glass products from South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana, and "salted quick-frozen mushrooms" from the European Union have won unanimous praise from customers in importing countries. Our company manages all export commodities based on the principle of customer first, quality first, service first, and integrity first. Our aim is to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers for mutual benefit and common development. Huang Dezhong, the general manager of the company, together with all the staff, pays tribute to all friends at home and abroad, and sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to contact us and cooperate with us.
  • No. 6, Changyang Road, Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
  • Room 1226-1230, Block B, Oujiang Building, No. 15 Dongxin South Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing
  • No. 590, Chunhui Road, Economic Development Zone, Huishan District, Wuxi City
  • No. 42, Xisanzhuang Street
  • Futou Industrial Park, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province
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