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Aba Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Room 904, Building 3, Platinum Qianqianjiang Business Consulate, No. 27, Qinglong Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
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Company Description
Aba Prefecture Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. aims at the development direction of modernization, standardization, standardization and internationalization of Chinese herbal medicine pieces and Chinese herbal medicines, starts from the source of wild medicinal materials picking and authentic medicinal materials cultivation, and strictly and effectively controls the stability, safety and quality of our products. efficient. And, relying on an experienced team to promote our products internationally, we have won good reviews.
Business information
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Key Personnel:

Lei Xiaoli(CEO)

Key Products:
Chinese Herbal Medicine Pieces: Specialized in the development and production of Chinese herbal medicine pieces.
Annual Sales:
Above 10M USD
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Year Founded:
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Brand Story:
Aba Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.: Embark on a journey with Aba Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., where the essence of traditional Chinese herbal medicine converges with modernization, standardization, and internationalization. This innovative enterprise, committed to the development and advancement of Chinese herbal medicine pieces and herbal medicines, is pioneering a path that spans wild medicinal material harvesting to authentic cultivation practices. Founded with a vision to uphold the highest standards, Aba Jiuzhai meticulously oversees every stage of production. From the careful picking of wild medicinal materials to the cultivation of authentic herbs, the company prioritizes stability, safety, and quality. The result is a range of products that not only meet stringent standards but also reflect a dedication to efficiency. At the heart of Aba Jiuzhai's success is a seasoned team with a wealth of experience. This adept group plays a pivotal role in propelling the company's products onto the international stage, earning accolades and positive reviews along the way. For those seeking products rooted in tradition yet crafted for the future, Aba Jiuzhai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its operations, ensuring that each product tells a story of authenticity and effectiveness.
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